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  • Small Starting From
    PROCESSOR 4 Core
    DISK 200GB HDD
    TRAFFIC 30TB Unshared


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  • Starter Starting From
    PROCESSOR 6 Core
    RAM 16GB RAM
    DISK 400GB HDD
    TRAFFIC 30TB Unshared


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  • Medium Starting from
    PROCESSOR 8 Core
    RAM 30GB RAM
    HHD 800GB HHD
    TRAFFIC 30TB Unshared


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  • Large Starting from
    PROCESSOR 10 Core
    RAM 60GB RAM
    HHD 1.6TB HHD
    TRAFFIC 30TB Unshared


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Custom Configuration

For those projects where you just need more! Our unlimited dedicated servers can be custom designed to fit all your needs.

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Web Hosting Features CAll Web Hosting Plans Include

Our unique performance tweaks guarantee nothing but the best! Our proactive security practices
keep your server safe and secure.

DDR with High Speed

speed and rank for your specific system, server RAM ensures that your data center output is maximized.


All of your servers are kept up to speed by our top-notch SW storage solutions. You can be certain that your sites are data.

Powerful Control Panel

Our Hypervisors run hardware RAID protected SSD storage arrays. This not only maximises performance, but also protects your data.

Extraordinary Support

Our customer service representatives are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.

Complete Server Control

OurA dedicated server that solely belongs to you, unlike Public Cloud and VPS, where hundreds of virtual servers share.

Secure Server Environment

We know how important server security is. In order to keep your data safe, we use cutting-edge encryption and other

Available in our Data Centers! Multiple Datacenter Locations

Our services can be deployed in any of the Data Centers nearest to you!

You will be able to choose a location upon ordering a new Web Hosting package with Hostera!

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